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Website Development

Djarum Super

Create a company profile website. Client: DJARUM SUPER

Website Development


Create a company profile website. Client: PROCHIZ

Website Development

WadzPay Website

Revamping Existing WadzPay Website to new design

Website Development

RB-QAS Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan

Create a BPOM company profile website. Client: BPOM

Website Development

Dishub Jabar

Creating an online and real-time CCTV monitoring website installed within the Dishub environment throughout West Java. Through this website, users can view and monitor activities happening in the areas where the CCTV cameras are installed in real-time. Client: Dishub, West Java Province

Website Development


Creating a website-based application to manage stations, trains, train schedules, and announcements that are directly integrated into displays at each station. Client: PT KAI

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